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Welcome to Entegro's website, which has been active since 1991 in the field of energy and industrial equipment, based in Ptolemaida. Ptolemaida is the heart of energy in Greece, as there are eighteen (18) power plants in the area. Seventeen (17) of these are lignite, while one (1) is hydroelectric.

In Entegro company, we provide engineering and consulting services for power stations and industries. In addition, we undertake the supply of the appropriate spare parts for thermoelectric and hydroelectric power units. With the help of our experience and expertise, we ensure the provision of high-standard services in our areas of activity.

From our first day of operation, in Ptolemaida, our company was staffed with the most specialized and well-trained staff, which consists mainly of experienced engineers with high level of knowledge. In addition to our permanent staff in Greece, Entegro also has technicians around the world, mainly in Russia, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Germany etc. It is worth noting that since February 2008, Entegro Ltd has been certified according to ISO 9001: 2015..

Contact us for any information in the field of energy and industrial equipment. Our goal at Entegro in Ptolemaida is to provide quality service with the highest possible return for our customers!

The engineering and consulting services for power stations that we can provide you make with no doubt Entegro your most reliable partner!

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