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Innovative and integrated solutions, technically perfect!

Main areas of Entegro’s activities

  • Engineering for turbines, generators, excitation systems and service.
  • Advisory services for turbines, generators, excitation systems and service.
  • Operating instructions turbine, generators, excitation systems and service of them.
  • Delivery of spare parts for turbines, generators, excitation systems and auxiliary equipment for power stations.
  • We own specialized instruments and software for calibration of equipment, vibration diagnosis and balancing for turbines, generators and other rotary machines.
  • Engineering - Supply – Service suspensions for fixed load of pipelines.
  • Non-destructive tests on turbines, generators, steam boilers using:
  1. Ultrasound
  2. Eddy currents
  3. Visual inspection of surface on the bore
  4. Magnetoscopic control
  • Power Transformers SES/HPP
    Diagnosis and maintenance in all types of High Voltage Transformers.
  • Photovoltaic systems
    Construction of mechanical and electrical equipment, start-up and adjustment of photovoltaic systems.

Projects undertake

Modernization of Steam Turbines and Generators of Steam and Hydroelectric Power Stations.

Technical support by qualified personnel for modernization of Steam Turbines and Generators.

Engineering and construction work on customer requirements for power generation.

Upgrading equipment. Application of technology while increasing the efficiency of the main (Turbine, Generator) and the auxiliary equipment.

Delivery of spare parts for Steam Turbines / Generators / Excitation Systems, delivery of Auxiliary equipment etc.

Engineering, supply of spare parts for boiler safety valves. Boiler Security Valve Testing Capability (Also Online).

Supply of complete electronic valve control system and on-site training of personnel.

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